This is new in the GotCourts League

To make the GotCourts League even more attractive, a few innovations have been implemented. Following are all innovations that apply to the GotCourts League season 2023.
Off-Network Matches - Play where you want! 
A GotCourts League Match can now be played on any tennis court around the world. Regardless of whether the club or facility is part of the GotCourts network or not. A match played outside the network is called an Off-Network Match. A total of three such matches are allowed per week. 

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League allocation - Now weekly recalculation! 
Until now, the season was played in two phases (Regular & Final Season). This division and the one-time league reallocation at the end of the regular season is now eliminated. The results achieved will now be taken into account on an ongoing basis and will flow into a weekly recalculation of the league allocation. 
The ten best-ranked players in each league at the defined deadline at the end of the season will continue to qualify for the final tournament.

GotCourts League Rating - Improved scoring! 
Playing a lot will be rewarded more
Each player will now receive 2 additional activity points for their GotCourts League Rating per match played. These are independent of the points received for a win or a loss. The activity points are credited each time a match result is confirmed.
Points forfeit in case of inactivity
One of the objectives of the GotCourts League is to promote tennis. At least four matches should be played per month. In this way, a loss of points for inactivity can be avoided. For each missing match there is a deduction of 2 points. A maximum of 8 points per month can be forfeited for inactivity. The calculation is done at the end of each month. 
Same opponent
You can play for points against the same player more than once. During a season there are the following limitations: Only the first four matches played are fully included in the rating calculation. From the fifth match on you cannot win or lose points against the same player. Only the two activity points for both players will be credited.

Result confirmation - within 24h
Match results should be recorded immediately after a match and must be confirmed or contested by the opponent within 24h. If no confirmation or challenge is made within the time limit, the result will be confirmed automatically by the system.