Rating and league allocation

In the GotCourts League, all participants start with 1500 points. Those who have participated earlier continue with the score in effect at their last active time. There are plus and minus points for games won or lost, with the amount of points distributed being calculated by the difference in level. A win against a significantly higher ranked opponent earns more points than against an equally ranked opponent. Conversely, this also applies to defeats. In order to reward frequent players, an additional bonus of 1 point is distributed for each match played. 

After the first GCL match played, the players receive a projected rating and an initial ranking position. This looks for example like this: 1546 points after a win and rank 131 in the overall ranking.

With each game both are influenced. The more matches are entered, the more accurately the rating and the playing strength are reflected. After five matches the projected rating becomes a validated rating (after five matches your rating is already a bit more stable than after only one match, therefore "validated") and a league assignment is now made.

In the GotCourts League there are seven leagues, which are divided into strength classes based on points as follows.

League 1Grand Slammer1700 points and higher
League 2Master Hitter1630 - 1699.99 points
League 3Rising Star1560 - 1629.99 points
League 4Counterpuncher1500 - 1559.99 points
League 5Top Spinner1440 - 1499.99 points
League 6Baseliner1380 - 1439.99 points
League 7Moonballerless than 1380 points


Further, the season is divided into two phases, Regular and Final Season. From April 1 - August 14 the first phase, the Regular Season, takes place. In this qualifying phase, each participant plays in the league in which he or she was assigned after five matches played. The main purpose of the allocation is to bring together players with the same playing level. However, it is still possible to play against any participant, regardless of rating or league.

At the end of the regular season on August 14, there will be a reclassification of league membership. If a player is above or below the limits of the league he or she was initially assigned to, he or she will be promoted or relegated.

The final season takes place from August 15 -  October. In this phase the players compete for the final tournament. The top ten male and female players per league will qualify. When the date and venue for the final tournament is announced, the deadline for the end of the final season in mid-October will also be communicated.