GotCourts League – Rankings and results

Check out the match results of your teammates

You are curious to see who is in the league, how the ranking looks like and what results your GotCourts League teammates have achieved?
With the following instructions we show you step by step how to get to the match results of each player. 

Steps 1-4

Open the GotCourts app and click on the menu in the upper left corner. Then open «Competitions» and select «GotCourts League 2022» in the dropdown menu to get to your league profile. With another click on «Ranking» or your «League Ranking» you will get to the respective ranking overview.

Schritte 5 -7

With a click on the selected player you will get to his profile. Further down in the profile you click on the GotCourts League 2022 banner and finally see all his match results so far this season.