Final Tournament GotCourts League 2022

The season finale of the GotCourts League 2022 took place on 14 and 15 October. It was played at the tennis facility of the Swiss Tennis National Performance Centre in Biel. The ten best players from the seven leagues decided the winner among themselves in a final day tournament. 

The start was early! The first players arrived at 7:30 a.m. and used the time until the opening of the tournament to get into the swing of things. 

At 08:15, the speaker already sounded the bell. Official welcome to all players and information about the day's programme. Then the first games started. Three main rounds were played. Then it was straight into the semi-finals. The best four players of the main round played for a place in the final, where 1st and 2nd place as well as 3rd and 4th place were played. 

The relaxed atmosphere and happy faces of the players were clearly noticeable. Many of the players were able to see friends again this weekend whom they had made during the year through the GotCourts League. So besides the final competition feeling, it was also a joyful reunion. Between the matches, reporting and checking results, resting and soaking up the sun, there was also plenty of time to catch up with each other and support others in their matches. 

The nice thing about the finals is that every participant goes home with a prize, no matter what rank he or she achieves. 
This is thanks to all the sponsors of the GotCourts League who have made the generous and great winning prizes possible. Besides the main prize, a NORQAIN luxury watch worth over CHF 2,000, the winners received vouchers from HEAD or Bidi Badu, as well as gifts from Vaudoise, Tennis Factory, volt by Vontobel or Swica. In addition, everyone received a stainless steel bottle from air up with five flavour pods as a starter prize.

The GotCourts League says thank you!
Thank you to all participants of the GotCourts League 2022 and congratulations to all finalists!
And a big thank you to all the sponsors for the great prizes.

We look back on a successful final weekend and are already looking forward to the next GotCourts League season 2023. Until then, have a good rest!


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